We all know that we’re gonna die at one point. No one lives for ever – not Walt Disney who may or may not be “on ice”. Nor The Kardashians, whatever lengths they go to immortalise their daily lives, they can’t stop the mortality of actual life. And in current times with Covid rampaging our news feeds, death or flirting with near death is in the ether. Dying is the horror story that as a species we all intellectually accept. But to contemplate for any length of time spins me into a nihilistic state of “what’s the point?” I can’t go there , won’t go there because then I’d end up feeding my family takeaways ALL the time so I’d max on time spent together. I’d care less about my work output and more about my humanity input. Y’know, like the manner in which I speak to people, smiling at people on the street, asking how the strangers who serve me coffee are…and listening to their answer. I’d hug more, ok it’d be my family and pets for now but you get the point. And that’s why you’ve got to watch “And Just Like That…” immediately. The creators of Sex in The City’s next chapter start their story in a post Covid time (or just not winter) where we meet the women now north of their 50s…and it’s truly delicious. I relate to the political minefield of being an older student, to feeling off trend professionally, to overcompensating for the loss of status and identity as a mother. But…I can’t say more. Just do yourself a favour and watch it for yourself, because it is life-affirming in beautiful ways. Confusingly there’s a backlash on how these women have changed, aged…er it’s been a quarter of a century??!! Personally speaking I’m thrilled these women haven’t disappeared. I’m thrilled we didn’t have to wait for them to hit their 70s – for broadcasters to commission a Golden Girls version, because audiences took to that didn’t they? And as a woman in my 40s, I’m thrilled this now exists in our storied mindscape. Sex in The City was a clarion call in my 20s, to own my choices, to live a life different to my mother, my grandmother. And just like that… I can see a middle-aged future that’s different to the middle-age of yesteryear. And thanks to Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha I can’t unsee it.



(she/her) Performer-Writer, British

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Tizz Raj

Tizz Raj

(she/her) Performer-Writer, British

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